RepairCrete Residential - Although we do commercial and industrial jobs all over the country, our residential service is limited to Northern Utah.

We have done incredible and creative things for many customers looking for lasting solutions.


From Pool Decks and garages, to Concrete flooring in homes, to driveways, patios, walkways, and porches, if there is concrete at a residence, chances are we have done something with it.


Utah's #1 Problem with concrete comes because of the Freeze Thaw extremity of Utah's climate. The harsh enviornment causes concrete surfaces to spall, chip, or crack over time. The most common of these is the spall caused when the top layer of concrete pops exposing the aggregate. This exposed aggregate will only continue to deteriorate until it is too late to repair, and the concrete must be replaced at great expense to you the owner.


RepairCrete has the #1 solution to this problem. Through our process you get a product that Billy the Kid might joke about and call it bullet proof. Although it isn't bullet proof, it does provide a proper repair to your concrete. The product bonds to the existing concrete and provides the look of new concrete at a fraction of the cost.


Check out the report by KSL.

Homeowners frustrated with crumbling driveways
May 21st, 2008 @ 10:14pm

Alex Cabrero reporting

A house is the biggest investment most of us will make, so naturally, we want it to look good inside and out. But up and down the Wasatch Front, hundreds, if not thousands of homeowners are seeing their driveways crumbling.


We first told you about this problem last year and found out this year it's happening all over again. It's after the snow melts when most homeowners start to see the crumbling. Because of our story last year, homeowners were looking for it this year, and sure enough, we got dozens of phone calls... Click here to read more


Which would you prefer?

Spalled ConcreteNew Concrete


The Process 
The process of repairing spalled, chipped, or cracked concrete needs to be thorough. Many of you have probably seen ineffective repairs done by ineffective applicators with ineffective products.


RepairCrete has brought highly skilled applicators together with incredible products to create the solution for concrete replacement.


1- we prepare the concrete. This is done by removing loose cement, etching and cleaning the entire surface opening the pours of the concrete and preparing the surface for our product.


2- we patch the cracks and areas that have significant spalling or chips.


3- We apply our product to the dry surface. The specially formulated resin is absorbed into the concrete and will cure to a solid making the cement product part of the existing structure. This product is resistant to chemicals and provides water resistance.


4- We provide a final layer that is broom finish. These products can be colored.


5- We seal the product with sealer.


Now you have brand new looking concrete that has a custom color if desired. The product is also sealed stopping the wear and tear that happens to cement in Utah's harsh conditions.


What investment do you make?
Concrete is something that causes so much heartache when something doesn't go right. As many concrete contractors have been heard to say, the only guarantee you get with concrete is that it will crack and you will pay for it.


When your concrete spalls, the problem only gets worse. Eventually the entire slab will deteriorate and you will have to replace the entire slab. During this time the concrete also looks terrible which detracts from the appeal and value of your home.


Even with today's economy the cost of replacing concrete the right way is between $4.50-$10 per square foot. The concrete has to be broken up, removed, and then repoured. At the end of such an expensive ordeal, there is no guarantee it won't happen again.


With RepairCrete we provide a Complete repair and overlay system with custom coloring for around $2.00-$3.50 per square foot. It may even be less depending on the damage and the desired look.


This comes with new looking concrete that is sealed properly and has a manufacturer warranty.


Concrete Sealants are products designed to inhibit and/or prohibit liquids from being absorbed by concrete. Concrete, contrary to popular belief, is actually a porous material. It can and does absorb water and other liquids. Some of these liquids can have dissolved materials (salts, acids, etc.) which can severely harm the concrete.


Water can enter concrete and freeze. Water which freezes expands by approximately nine percent. This expansion can literally tear concrete apart. It is a good idea to apply a concrete sealer to avoid such problems. By having us seal your concrete, you can avoid the spalling, flaking, and other issues water causes in Utah.


There are many varieties of sealants currently on the market. Some are solvent based, while others are acrylic based and water based. Some are clear, while others are colored. You have many to choose from. Some sealants penetrate into the concrete, while others merely create a film on the surface. The penetrating sealers generally perform much better. Our expertise and experience allow us to advise and select the right sealer for your project.


At RepairCrete we have found the best sealers for our climate here in Utah. While many of the sealers offered in this climate should be applied every 6 months to a year (even if it says seven year sealer) the products we have greatly outlast and will come with a reapplication warranty. This warranty varies per product, but will be explained to you at bid time. One aspect of performance for us is how the concrete looks over time. Many sealers can leave yellowing and have other side effects. We want to make sure you are getting the best, not an inefficient and lesser product.


The sealer we typically recommend in Utah is an enviornmentally friendly sealer that also utilizes a cleanser. The sealer does not allow bacteria, viruses, algae and mold to grow. It also reacts with the UV rays of the sun and will pull impurities out of the concrete. This has prevented oil spots, and has also helped remove existing oil spots. It is by far the best product on the market. The product has been applied on NFL stadiums like Dolphins Stadium, International Airports, and numerous large companies and complexes across America. At Dolphins Stadium they would pressure wash the concrete every week for maintenance. Since applying the sealer has removed the need to pressure wash the concrete for a period of four years. The savings has been thousands of dollars. Not only this, but they are saving millions of gallons of water each year. All sealers we apply come with a warranty.


Our sealer solutions are not the standard solutions. They far outperform any other sealer on the market and just as with our other products save you time an money over time.


Coating Products are another good source to protecting concrete. By utilizing a coating product you can avoid damaged caused by salts and other chemicals. Coating products will also provide a seal to the concrete protecting it from other damage caused by water. From cementitious products to epoxies, urethanes, aspartics, and polyureas; we offer the type of coating and sealing solutions that will make your project a success.


We look forward to providing you bids on your projects. We are committed to providing you with creative solutions that will meet your needs.


We specialize in: Concrete floor leveling for VCT and other flooring, Stain and Seal, Traffic Coatings (vehicle and pedestrian) Waterproof deck coatings, Concrete Polishing, Joint Filling, Maintenance Burnishing, Concrete Densifying and Sealing, Epoxy & Flake Coatings, Kitchen Coating Systems, Urethane Cements, Garage Floor Coatings, Concrete Overlay and Repair, Pool Deck Coatings, Concrete Repair & Resurface, Stamp Concrete Repair, Acid Color Concrete Staining, Color Coatings, Concrete Cleaning & Sealing, Crack repair, Damaged concrete, and Concrete Grinding.